Bronze dog sculpture on display in Centennial Hall at UW-Eau Claire

Family of Nine

In honor of National Service Dog Month, Katherine Schneider shares a touching poem paying tribute to each guide dog that has touched her life. Katherine also writes about the value of guide dogs for liberation and freedom for someone who is visually impaired.

This image from the late 1980s shows Chad Nelson, age 16, sitting on a three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle on a warm, sunny day. Chad, wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans, with a red baseball cap, is smiling and has both hands on the handlebars. In the background is two flower beds and a large field with a tree line off in the distance.

Losing Vision, What an Effect!

From driving an ATV as a young person on his parent’s farm to establishing a career and developing valuable relationships as an adult, Chad Nelson hasn’t allowed vision loss from glaucoma to keep him from taking advantage of life’s opportunities. Through multiple surgeries, strong faith and the support of friends, Chad has faced obstacles and has forged ahead.