Image shows a group of six campers huddled together, with their arms around each other’s shoulders. In this photo from the 1980s, the campers are smiling and enjoying a warm, sunny day at the Lions Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin. The group, wearing T-shirts, shorts and swim wear, is huddled underneath a tall tree. In the background is a large building with a handicap accessible entrance. A wooded area lies just to the right of the building.

Where is Sneaky?

For Ericka Short, summers spent at the Wisconsin Lions Camp were filled with memories she will never forget. From meeting new friends to pulling pranks, Short always looked forward to those sunny days at summer camp.

Image shows a basketball lying on a court during a bright, sunny day. The basketball is orange and slightly worn. It is resting at the right corner of the free-throw line, which is painted white. Part of the court is bright orange, but a strip of blue is featured to the right and directly in front of the ball. The ball casts a shadow onto the court.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Janell Groskreutz can recall vividly the day she realized her vision had changed. A time spent shooting hoops with her dad as a nine-year-old changed her life, but it never prevented Groskreutz from pursuing her goals, and she continues to shoot for her dreams.

Dan Sullivan 5-18 post

Getting an Earful

Writer Dan Sullivan was able to take in the pristine beauty of a Northwoods morning recently by taking in the sounds around him. In his latest piece, he paints a beautiful outdoors portrait.

Image shows Mike Morris, left, posing with his wife, Renee, right, on a sunny day with several buildings in the background. Mike is wearing a dark suit and tie, along with a white dress shirt. Renee is wearing a purple top. Both Mike and Renee are smiling and ready to celebrate a special occasion.

Still Feeling Lucky About Losing My Vision

In the third piece of his continuing story, Mike Morris takes us through the days at work when he knew his vision had dramatically changed. But, through help from the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired and the support of family, Mike considers himself a lucky man.

Image shows a photo of Kathie Schneider to the left, posing for a photo with her guide dog. Kathie, smiling, is wearing a dark blue pullover with blue jeans. She is standing on a pedestrian bridge with a river, trees and a row of brown buildings in the background. In the photo to the right, Annika Konrad, wearing a light pink shirt is smiling, sitting and holding a purple and black cup in her right hand. Trees align the background in what appears to be a bright summer day.

What the Gift of Disability Has Taught Me – Part Two

Disability is often perceived as a negative, but in this two-part series, four blind and visually impaired people share their thoughts on the many positives of disability. Our second segment features writers Kathie Schneider and Annika Konrad. Disability has affected their lives in different ways, but for both, it has molded them into the people they are today.