What’s an ADRC and Why Should I Care?

Wisconsin’s Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) have become a national model over the last 10+ years. Learn more about how ADRCs benefit older adults and people with disabilities of our communities in this article.

The Tightrope Walker: The Self-Advocate

By Frank Lopez Persons like us who are blind or visually impaired have been taught all the basic educational requirements of reading, writing, math, science, literature and history as well as a myriad of specialty skills such as orientation and mobility, braille and adaptive technologies. The one thing we have not been taught is how…

Graduating Toward Success With A Disability

By Dan Sullivan So, graduation time is near. I still remember what it was like. Before you now dawns an entire world of opportunities. Some of these will involve further education, while others will mean looking for a job. Either way, a reality check will begin. And because you are someone with vision loss, the…