What is your biggest obstacle?

A group of writers from The Outlook From Here write about the biggest obstacles and misconceptions they face as members of the blind and visually impaired community.


Uplifted by the ADA

By Dan Sullivan With the advent of the ADA’s upcoming 25th anniversary, has this historic legislative act completely changed the world for those of us with disabilities? The surprising answer may be a resounding no. The reason being is that the Americans with Disabilities Act never was meant to make wholesale changes. Instead, it was…

Teamwork and Getting the Help You Need

By Katherine Schneider, Retired Clinical Psychologist and Author In school, you may have had an IEP or a 504 Plan and/or a disability services office to help you meet your accessibility needs. Now, you’ll get to build your own team. Building a team takes work– training allies in how to and not to help, trading…