Hiking Through My Vacation

Theresa describes what it is like to go hiking with a visual impairment.

Gone Fishin’

Steve reflects on his experience going fishing with the North American Squirrel Association, which offers free fishing trips to people with disabilities and their families. Steve writes about filleting 100 fish without sight.

Hunting Blind

By Steve Johnson Hunting in a turkey blind and hunting turkey as a blind person are really two different things, or are they really? As a totally blind hunter, I get all kinds of questions and comments about my ability as a hunter to harvest game ranging from, “You can’t do that,” to “It’s awesome…

Thinking Spring

By: Theresa Sweeney-Smith Fall is a beautiful season. The cooler air hits my cheeks as I walk outside in the morning. I can smell the smoke from the leaves burning in my neighborhood. It is noticeable, even with my limited vision, that it becomes darker each day. Everyone talks about the leaves turning bright colors…

The Fear I Fear I’ll Pass On

By Tammie Hefty I looked at Evie tonight at dinner and said, “You know, Evie, with your scabbed elbow, patch of cellulitis on your other arm, scabby bug bites on your legs, and the Band-Aid over your toe that the toenail is falling off of…you look like any normal kid.” …and my heart swelled. Having…