Janell, wearing a dark-toned coat stands to the left of her mother, who is wearing a lighter-toned winter coat. Janell holds Sully’s harness. Sully, a black lab, stands in front of the women and is looking toward the camera. All are standing on a snowy wooden front porch.

The Unexpected Abilities of a Guide Dog In An Emergency Situation

Guide dogs go through rigorous and thorough training, but there are times when unexpected situations arise for which the dog might have had no prior experience. Janell Groskreutz tells the story of how her guide dog, Sully, remained calm and obedient during an emergency.

Annika Konrad stands tall, looking over her right shoulder as she prepares to embark on a hike. I'm her right hand is a hiking pole and on her back is a large backpack. Mountainous green hills line the gravel path she is set to embark down.

What Disability Has Taught Me About The Limits of Independence

The meanings of words are important. Words shape how we think about people, life circumstances and the events in our lives. They shape our attitudes and our responses to situations. The Council and its Board of Directors took a closer look at its mission, and has made a change that will broaden the attitudes and perceptions of and for people with disabilities in Wisconsin. Annika Konrad explains why she proposed this change and what being truly empowered means to her.

Parochial Perils

From having to lug around large print books to being teased about having the front row seat in class, memoirist Dan Sullivan chronicles in relatable fashion the bullying and blessings he received while a student losing his vision attending St. Joe’s in rural Wisconsin. He writes about the hope the prayers of the Sisters gave him when he found out he had macular degeneration, an incurable eye condition.