Image shows a basketball lying on a court during a bright, sunny day. The basketball is orange and slightly worn. It is resting at the right corner of the free-throw line, which is painted white. Part of the court is bright orange, but a strip of blue is featured to the right and directly in front of the ball. The ball casts a shadow onto the court.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Janell Groskreutz can recall vividly the day she realized her vision had changed. A time spent shooting hoops with her dad as a nine-year-old changed her life, but it never prevented Groskreutz from pursuing her goals, and she continues to shoot for her dreams.

Image shows, to the left, the hand of a restaurant cashier grabbing a credit card from another hand of a blind patron, directly to the right. In the background, a bottle of orange juice rests on a brown counter top. Also in the background of the credit card exchange, to the right, is a rack filled with magazines, and a stack of menus resting between a black cup and a raised portion of the counter. The image of the credit card being exchanged between two hands evokes the types of customer service interactions between sighted and unsighted people that Chad writes about in this post.

It is Ok. I am Blind – Talk to Me.

Chad Nelson writes about the misconceptions that customer service workers have of blind and visually impaired people and gives tips for having positive interactions.