Uplifted by the ADA

By Dan Sullivan With the advent of the ADA’s upcoming 25th anniversary, has this historic legislative act completely changed the world for those of us with disabilities? The surprising answer may be a resounding no. The reason being is that the Americans with Disabilities Act never was meant to make wholesale changes. Instead, it was…


Doing the DVR Shuffle

Dan provides some insight into the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and what they can offer individuals with disabilities. He also reminds us, to “always keep in mind; it’s your own ongoing drive and determination that makes this process successful.”

I’m Blind–I Quit

Theresa describes what happened when her vision loss forced her to resign from her job. A good mentor, she finds, can go a long way in making the workplace accommodating for people with disabilities.

Running with Evie

Tammie writes about her daughter, Evie, who is visually impaired. Tammie describes how running has become a better fit for Evie than more typical physical education activities.

The Tightrope Walker: The Self-Advocate

By Frank Lopez Persons like us who are blind or visually impaired have been taught all the basic educational requirements of reading, writing, math, science, literature and history as well as a myriad of specialty skills such as orientation and mobility, braille and adaptive technologies. The one thing we have not been taught is how…