Image Description: Gary Traynor and his guide dog Reuben are on a boat. As they float on the pristine lake water, Gary sits facing Reuben. Gary leans forward to become nose level with Reuben and embraces his left paw in his right hand.

Adventures of Fishing in The Blind

Many people say they find fishing to be a fun, relaxing hobby. For Gary Traynor and his guide dog, Reuben, a day spent fishing took an unexpected and exciting turn. Read on to find out what they caught!

Parochial Perils

From having to lug around large print books to being teased about having the front row seat in class, memoirist Dan Sullivan chronicles in relatable fashion the bullying and blessings he received while a student losing his vision attending St. Joe’s in rural Wisconsin. He writes about the hope the prayers of the Sisters gave him when he found out he had macular degeneration, an incurable eye condition.

The Wise Old Buck

As a long-time hunter, Steve Johnson had a lifetime goal of harvesting a “braggin’ buck.” When he lost his sight in 1986 he thought that dream would fade away. Yet, little did Steve know that on a snowy December day many years later, he still might have a chance. In “Wise Old Buck,” Steve shares a detailed account of trekking through the Coulee Region hills with his hunting assistant to attempt to make his dream a reality.

The Fear I Fear I’ll Pass On

By Tammie Hefty I looked at Evie tonight at dinner and said, “You know, Evie, with your scabbed elbow, patch of cellulitis on your other arm, scabby bug bites on your legs, and the Band-Aid over your toe that the toenail is falling off of…you look like any normal kid.” …and my heart swelled. Having…