Strategies for Fun and Accessible Cooking: Hidden Pleasure of Comfort Food

Theresa Sweeny-Smith loves cooking with her slow cooker. In order to make her favorite meals since becoming visually impaired, Theresa relies on her non-slip knife and handheld chopper to get the job done. Our third piece of this series highlights Theresa’s winter cooking method of choice along with her recipe for Italian Vegetable Soup.

Amongst a backdrop of lush green deciduous trees, a black crow sits atop a tree branch. It peers to its left with its beak open slightly and wings at its sides.

Something to Crow About

While most people find crows a bit of a nuisance, avid nature enthusiast Dan Sullivan shares his appreciation for them as he ventures out into the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Be it their distinct chatter and collective chorus or the great honor Native Americans find in their presence, Dan discusses his viewpoint on the value of his feathered friends as a visually impaired bird watcher.

Image shows Judith Rasmussen using a pair of heavy-duty scissors to chop a stalk of celery. Judith is steadily holding the celery in her left hand and the scissors in her right hand and is focused on cutting the vegetable. On a countertop, just in front of Judith, lies an apple, potato, carrot and paring knife, resting atop a cutting sheet. Sunshine peers in through a window, illuminating the kitchen as Judith intently chops the celery.

Strategies for Fun and Accessible Cooking: A Heavy Kitchen Scissors Goes a Long Way

Since losing her sight, Judith Rasmussen has thought of new ways to cook and bake delicious meals. A heavy-duty, versatile pair of kitchen scissors has helped Judith continue to explore new recipes, savoring the vegetables she grows during the summer. In this piece, Judith shares accessible ways to chop and cut food in the kitchen and tips to make a great chopped chicken salad.

Image shows Janell Groskreutz, right, with her guide dog, Sully, a black lab. Janell and Sully are sitting close to each other on the floor and Janell has a bright, beautiful smile on her face. She is pleased to be finished with holiday shopping, eagerly anticipating Christmas Eve when her family opens their presents and she hears excitement and happiness in their reactions. A lighted, fully-decorated Christmas tree sparkles in the background and presents are spread along the hardwood floor, surrounding Sully and Janell.

Christmas Shopping with My Guide Dog, Sully

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, it’s important to pause and reflect on what is essential in life. In “Christmas Shopping with My Guide Dog, Sully,” Janell Groskreutz attempts to find some last-minute gifts in a hectic mall with the help two loyal and patient companions, Sully and her husband, Kevin. While taking a moment to rest, a stranger reminds her of the valuable bond she shares with Sully.