Strategies for Fun and Accessible Cooking: Peanut Butter Perfection

How important is it that your cakes and muffins look as if a first-class pastry chef has made them? Baking enthusiast Katherine Schneider believes many home bakers who have gone blind later in life might give up their hobby because they may not be able to produce sweet treats that are visually pleasing. In “Peanut Butter Perfection,” Katherine encourages other visually impaired bakers to keep in the kitchen and offers a simple-to-create peanut butter cookie recipe.

A Mother’s Pride

By Huma Siddiqui Annika Konrad encouraged me to write my thoughts for this wonderful project about growing up with a mother who was blind for most of her life.  My mother was one of the bravest people I have ever met.  Her resiliency, positive attitude and perseverance are only a few of the attributes I…