Seventy-Five and Going Strong: Reflections on The Outlook from Here

After launching in early 2014, the blog that has provided a voice for individuals who are visually impaired is celebrating its 75th published piece. Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired CEO/Executive Director Denise Jess reflects on the perspectives The Outlook From Here has provided from its many talented writers and shares her enthusiasm for its future.

Image shows Kelsi Watters sitting in a wooden chair with bright green pine and oak trees in the background. Kelsi's eyes are closed and she has a pleasant grin on her face as she strums a reverie harp on a warm summer day. Kelsi is wearing a blue dress with a flower pattern, a multicolored top and a white sweater. She appears to be in her early 20s with long brown hair and light brown skin.

Vision as Guiding Light

In “Vision as Guiding Light,” former Council scholarship recipient Kelsi Watters writes about how her passion for faith and healing led her on a path to becoming a chaplain.