Book Clubs and You: Accessible and Fun

Curling up with a book is a great way to pass a snowy winter afternoon. Discussing what you have read with others can be a fun way to gain new perspectives and make new friends, so why not join a book club! Katherine Schneider shows you how to find a club you’ll like, make sure books are accessible and even how to start your own club. Read on for more details.

Mower Power

Chores are a part of every child’s life, whether they are washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, or mowing the lawn. Ericka Short details how her dad taught her to cut the grass using her low vision, and she describes the sense of freedom, independence and peace she finds while mowing.

Amongst a backdrop of lush green deciduous trees, a black crow sits atop a tree branch. It peers to its left with its beak open slightly and wings at its sides.

Something to Crow About

While most people find crows a bit of a nuisance, avid nature enthusiast Dan Sullivan shares his appreciation for them as he ventures out into the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Be it their distinct chatter and collective chorus or the great honor Native Americans find in their presence, Dan discusses his viewpoint on the value of his feathered friends as a visually impaired bird watcher.