Doing the DVR Shuffle

Dan provides some insight into the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and what they can offer individuals with disabilities. He also reminds us, to “always keep in mind; it’s your own ongoing drive and determination that makes this process successful.”

I’m Blind–I Quit

Theresa describes what happened when her vision loss forced her to resign from her job. A good mentor, she finds, can go a long way in making the workplace accommodating for people with disabilities.

Interview Tips for Graduates with Visual Impairments

By Theresa Sweeney-Smith Congratulations, Class of 2014! As a Human Resources Director for 26 years, and a visually impaired member of the workforce, I would like to offer some tips for when you are interviewing for your first job. * You do not have to tell the interviewer over the phone that you have a…

Graduating Toward Success With A Disability

By Dan Sullivan So, graduation time is near. I still remember what it was like. Before you now dawns an entire world of opportunities. Some of these will involve further education, while others will mean looking for a job. Either way, a reality check will begin. And because you are someone with vision loss, the…

Looking For a Job

By Melvin Sheire After graduating from the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped (WSVH) in June 1962, I came to Milwaukee to look for work. At that time, I was under the care of the state, and my social worker brought me. I was living at the Badger Association of the Blind, now known as…