5 Things Every Eye Doctor Should Know

Going to the eye doctor when you’re blind or visually impaired can be nerve wracking. Annika writes a thoughtful letter to eye doctors everywhere that reminds them of five important things to keep in mind when building a relationship with a person with vision loss.


Not Just a Walk, but an Adventure

By Theresa Sweeney-Smith In 1972, I was a 16-year-old girl with an eye problem. After visiting several optometrists and focusing on “the green bead” in the middle of the string for a whole summer, my Mom and Dad determined that I should see an ophthalmologist.  They made an appointment for me with my favorite aunt’s…

The Super Bowl Miracle

By Steven Johnson Super Bowl XXV started off like most championship football games, but this one would have a very different ending.  The Friday before the big game, it was my chance to place a bet.  Why I chose the Buffalo Bills, I have no clue, but I went ahead and did it.  The bet was with an…