Sully, a black lab, stands on a patch of green grass that is littered with fallen leaves. He wears a brown leather harness that features a neon yellow sign that reads “DO NOT PET ME – I AM WORKING.” His head is slightly cocked to the left, and he looks forward with big, brown eyes. Sully’s owner, Janell, is standing next to him and is pictured from the waist down. She wears dark blue jeans and a pair of black clogs.

Strolling with Sully: Transition from White Cane to Guide Dog, Part I

A defining moment in your life is both exhilarating and terrifying. In the first part of her guide dog adventure, Janell Groskreutz describes the application process, and the moment she knew a guide dog was for her!

An Old Dog Learns New Tricks: Sometimes Technology Empowers

Katherine Schneider thought her age would preclude her from having to learn technology; it wasn’t to be so. Through giving a PowerPoint presentation, obtaining a beeping ball and learning how to use some new apps for her iPhone, she points out that learning and using technology can be empowering, no matter your age.