The Wise Old Buck

As a long-time hunter, Steve Johnson had a lifetime goal of harvesting a “braggin’ buck.” When he lost his sight in 1986 he thought that dream would fade away. Yet, little did Steve know that on a snowy December day many years later, he still might have a chance. In “Wise Old Buck,” Steve shares a detailed account of trekking through the Coulee Region hills with his hunting assistant to attempt to make his dream a reality.


Hunting Blind

By Steve Johnson Hunting in a turkey blind and hunting turkey as a blind person are really two different things, or are they really? As a totally blind hunter, I get all kinds of questions and comments about my ability as a hunter to harvest game ranging from, “You can’t do that,” to “It’s awesome…

The Super Bowl Miracle

By Steven Johnson Super Bowl XXV started off like most championship football games, but this one would have a very different ending.  The Friday before the big game, it was my chance to place a bet.  Why I chose the Buffalo Bills, I have no clue, but I went ahead and did it.  The bet was with an…