An Old Dog Learns New Tricks: Sometimes Technology Empowers

Katherine Schneider thought her age would preclude her from having to learn technology; it wasn’t to be so. Through giving a PowerPoint presentation, obtaining a beeping ball and learning how to use some new apps for her iPhone, she points out that learning and using technology can be empowering, no matter your age.

The Wise Old Buck

As a long-time hunter, Steve Johnson had a lifetime goal of harvesting a “braggin’ buck.” When he lost his sight in 1986 he thought that dream would fade away. Yet, little did Steve know that on a snowy December day many years later, he still might have a chance. In “Wise Old Buck,” Steve shares a detailed account of trekking through the Coulee Region hills with his hunting assistant to attempt to make his dream a reality.

Six Rules for Living with a New Disability

By Katherine Schneider (Excerpted and expanded from “Occupying Aging: Delights, Disabilities and Daily Life” (Available from Bookshare, Amazon, and in Kindle format from Amazon) A consultation with an elder who is going blind prompted me to expand my rules for assistive technology into six rules for living with a new disability. As with all rules, there…