Following the Signs Along my Journey to Braille

“Stop,” “Greenway Trail,” and “Exit,” are examples of signs print readers see on a daily basis. Braille reader Katherine Corbett describes how her mom helped her learn to read by making signs for objects in their home. Read on to find out how she did it.

The Significance of the Slate and Stylus

Are you familiar with the slate and stylus? With so many advances in technology, some tend to think that the use of this portable device for Braille note taking is a thing of the past. Katherine Watson believes otherwise. From taking notes in college, to creating to-do lists while on the bus, Katherine shares passionately why she believes the slate and stylus is a handy tool still useful for modern purposes.

Blind Faith

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do something because of your lack of sight? Ericka Short explains the impact mentors and a supportive faith community have had on her throughout her life. She regularly volunteers in her church, teaching, reading and advocating for people with disabilities, giving tips and tricks for how you can, too.