A collage features nine of the Outlook from Here blog contributors, including Annika Konrad, Steve Johnson, Ericka Short, Chad Nelson, Tammie Hefty, Katherine Corbett, Katherine Schneider, Dan Sullivan, Janell Groskreutz, and Theresa Sweeney Smith. At the top of the collage is a brightly colored banner in colors of yellow, orange, blue, purple and red, along with coordinator confetti. In the bottom right corner is a red circle and inside reads “100 Posts!”

One Hundred Stories About Living with Blindness and Visual Impairment in Wisconsin

We have reached story 101 on The Outlook From Here! For the 101st story, various writers share what the blog has meant to them.

Meghan Whalen crouches down to wrap her arms around her guide dog, Amiera. She rests her right elbow on her right knee while she embraces Amiera with her left. Meghan smiles forward as Amiera’s face points towards the floor.

The Four Building Blocks for a Successful Guide Dog

Have you ever wondered what goes into determining if a guide dog is eligible for the job? Meghan Whalen lives in Madison and is training her own guide dog. She outlines the four factors required to make a quality service dog.