Running with Evie

Tammie writes about her daughter, Evie, who is visually impaired. Tammie describes how running has become a better fit for Evie than more typical physical education activities.

Gone Fishin’

Steve reflects on his experience going fishing with the North American Squirrel Association, which offers free fishing trips to people with disabilities and their families. Steve writes about filleting 100 fish without sight.

Tips for Volunteering: “What’s in it for me?”

By Theresa Sweeney-Smith I have heard the question “What’s in it for me?” from both my sighted and nonsighted friends. Well, maybe not these exact words, but this sort of underlying thought when the topic of volunteering comes up. I have heard responses like, “I am too busy,” “I need to focus on my job,”…

Unknown Territories

Justice describes what it is like to be “a blind woman on the move.” As she prepares to relocate from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Washington, D.C. for graduate school, she reflects on her experiences traveling through different countries in Africa.

Verbal Snapshots from My Summer Staycation

By Kathie Schneider Some people return from vacation with a camera full of pictures to show at coffee break. It seemed best that my summer vacation be a staycation this year because the house required insulation to prevent ice dams like I had last winter. Also, I organized and largely funded the purchase of a…