Writer Profile: Frank Lopez

Writer Profile: Frank Lopez
Interviewed by Michelle Roach

Question: When did you first start writing? What interested you in writing for a blog?
Answer: I first started writing in college. I felt that I had many years of experience as a blind educator and thought I could contribute to the blind community who might be able to benefit from them.

Question: What is your favorite thing to write about?
Answer: My favorite things to write about are my personal experiences both as a sighted and a blind person.

Question: Is there any subject that you would never write about? What is it?
Answer: There are many things that I can write about that I have background knowledge of; however, I would never attempt to write about a subject that I have no knowledge of without doing research first.

Question: Do you have any unique writing habits?
Answer: One habit is that I like to do is free write and throw my ideas out and then go back and edit my writing.  Another habit is that I sometimes start my sentences with a prepositional phrase and then finish them with the rest of the main part of the sentence. This style drove my English professors nuts because my sentences were still grammatically correct!

Question: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Answer: My biggest inspiration was my dad because he was a very kind and giving person and was always there to help anyone who needed it. He was a very humble man who could speak and write five languages.

Question: What are some of your other talents or hobbies?
Answer: I love to cook and like to do things that are creative. I have a background in fine arts and appreciate all forms of the humanities.

Question: What has writing about your experiences with blindness/visual impairment done for you?
Answer: Prior to losing my sight completely, I had studied to be a medical illustrator and I sorely miss the opportunity to express myself artistically. I think writing about experiences with blindness provides me with artistic expression.

Question: If someone was thinking about starting a blog, what advice would you give them?
Answer: I would advise them to be open to constructive criticism or else write under a pseudonym!

Question: What are you working on now? What is your next project (writing or otherwise)?
Answer: My next writing project will be on employment challenges for the blind. I will also be personally installing a chain link fence for my guide dog, Nolan. In addition, I will be serving on a panel for the Wisconsin School for the Blind. This panel will deal with issues that parent of blind children face.

Frank Lopez lives in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Read more about Frank here. The featured photo is a picture of Frank with his family.

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