I was Blind and Now I See?

I’m Blind and Now I See?
By Theresa Sweeney-Smith

An older friend of mine at work had cataract surgery, and he came back to work without glasses! He was 80 years old at the time and I was amazed. Not only could he see distance, but he could read up close as well without his glasses. As I was already legally blind, this amazed me as a miracle.

In 2012, my eye doctor told me that the eye drop I had to use to offset the high pressure in my left eye had given me a cataract. I considered the option of surgery. I already had two laser surgeries and three other surgeries in this eye. I vowed that enough was enough.

As the cataract grew, my world became darker. I found myself somewhat disoriented just getting out of my office chair. It worked for my friend…would the surgery work for me?

I scheduled it. My husband took me in. My eye doctor, who is an excellent surgeon, came in to see me before the surgery. I did not see him until he was up next to my surgical bed. He was confident, calm and shared his optimism with me that the next 45 minutes would go well. The nurse came in and again I did not see her until she was next to me checking my IV, said she would see me very soon and my husband kissed me good luck.

I know the routine of eye surgery. I have the heart monitors on, the oxygen rater on my finger. Oxygen is placed in my nose and the surgical assistant has the tray prepared. The anesthesiologist tells me that he will take good care of me. The sterile field is placed over my face and they begin.

I come out of the twilight. I am groggy and open my eyes. They wheel me back into recovery. My husband is sitting next to me and I remember the moment: The nurse walked in through the curtain. Did you hear what I said? THE NURSE WALKED THROUGH THE CURTAIN! And I saw her coming! I gasped and everyone came closer. I exclaimed, “I saw you come in the curtain! I can see the curtain! I can see the face of my husband and he is pretty cute!”

I never knew how much I could not see until I saw the face of my beautiful granddaughter with strawberry blond hair and bluest eyes ever. My sight will continue to deteriorate, but I will always remember the miracle. I was blind and now I see.

Theresa Sweeney-Smith lives in Wind Lake, Wisconsin.

Featured image is Theresa holding her granddaughter at the hospital with a huge smile on her face.

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