Thank you for visiting The Outlook from Here. We are excited to publish our first batch of stories of living in Wisconsin with blindness and visual impairment. Beginning in October 2013, a small group of people from across Wisconsin began meeting over the phone twice a month to discuss how to tell stories about disability, blindness, and visual impairment. Many of us had never written about our experiences before but some of us had, and even one person had published. Together, we discussed the dire need to share stories of disability, the challenges of communicating about disability, and the hurdles to writing in general. We told lots of stories, formed bonds, and built friendships. Now we feel ready to begin sharing our stories with you and we are excited to continue writing and expanding our collection. To learn more about the beliefs behind the project, please see our About page.

We would love to include more voices, so please visit our How to Submit page for more information if you would like to share your stories on this blog. If you think of topics or questions you would like to see on this blog, please make suggestions to the editor at theoutlookfromhere@gmail.com

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